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I help you build a self organizing, high velocity organization where individuals and teams collaborate on strategic performance goals.


An open organization let people contribute with what they do best, activating natural genius and motivation. By continuously reshaping the organization based on strategic needs we make the company highly adaptive and resilient.


I have 10+ years experience of Agile and Lean implementation in both traditional and agile, small and large organizations. inCombining this with a natural understanding of what it’s like to work in the organization of the future makes me a good guide.


I help you think in the new paradigm by showing you

alternative ways of approaching your concrete daily challenges.

I help you set up organizational structures and team practices that enables self-organization.

I help you define strategic missions for teams and domains (team-of-teams).

I coach and train teams to become high-performing and self-organizing.

I coach and train leaders in how they can best support these teams.


Emil Vikström