Emil Vikström AB

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I have worked with Agile and Lean implementation and transformation in traditional and agile, small and large organizations for more than 10 years. I have seen many change initiatives and know the patterns of success and failure; a key success factor is doing multiple rapid experiments that evolve the organization in a clear direction.


I can help you with, for example

  • Assessing the organization from an agile perspective
  • Finding key "nudge points" to move the organization towards wanted business and culture goals
  • Setting up methods for successfully leading change
  • Suggesting how to make best use of popular Agile frameworks
  • Proposing methods and changes that fit the organizational type; traditional, distributed or emergent.
  • Coaching and training leaders, team leaders (for example Scrum masters) and teams in Agile methods and roles





+46 76 144 1266